SQL Server Best Practices

I came across the following Wiki page that lists quite a few resources related to SQL Server best practices.



SQL Server Data Tools June 2013 Update

I just installed the SQL Server Data Tools June 2013 Update. Among many features, the most important for me at least is the Visual Data Comparison.

Check out details @ Announcing SQL Server Data Tools – June 2013

Get the update here.

SQL Server 2012 CTP1 Installation Rule Failed

This is strange! I received the following error message while installing the SQL Server 2012 CTP1. It appears this version of SQL Server could not be installed on a machine that already had other versions of SQL Server. Not sure the reasons behind it, yet to research on it, but it is frustrating to say the least; I am hoping this is only because it is a CTP release. Prior to SQL Server 2014 I was able to install more than one versions of SQL Server on the same machine!


sql_logins vs server_principals

While researching on the users in our production database, I had to write a script to manipulate the SQL Server jobs and their owners.

While writing that script I came to know that sql_logins lists only SQL logins (such as sa or any other SQL login) whereas server_principals is more comprehensive hence returns a row for every login (whether be SQL or Windows)

According to the MSDN documentation, server_principals may return following types of logins:

  • SQL login
  • Windows login
  • Windows group
  • Server role
  • Login mapped to a certificate
  • Login mapped to an asymmetric key