SQL Database Premium Edition

Recently Microsoft announced Premium Edition of SQL Database. In simple words, it allows you to reserve the capacity so that it is not shared with other tenants! Similar to having your dedicated SQL infrastructure minus the maintenance overhead that comes with it.

Caution – This could be a double-edge sword though. I believe that auto-throttling in cloud environments helps promote good architecture and coding practices, hence having a dedicated environment with elevated limits may be seen by some as a solution to bad architecture and coding problems; instead of fixing the code, they might be inclined to throw more capacity at it. Be careful!


FailSafe: Building Scalable, Resilient Cloud Services

While researching on Azure design resources for designing enterprise cloud systems, I came across the following video series published on Channel 9 by Windows Azure CAT team.

FailSafe: Building Scalable, Resilient Cloud Services

Great effort by Mark Simms (@mabsimms), UlrichH, and marcmercuri (@marcmercuri).

I also found couple of other sessions delivered by Mark and others on designing and building scalable cloud applications.