Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Microsoft recently released Visual Studio 2013 Preview.


Features in action

You can also install the ASP.NET and Web Tools Refresh that adds few new features in Visual Studio. ASP.NET vNext has extensive detail on the new features.

Checkout the following videos to learn more about new features added to the coolest development tool in the world Smile

What’s New in ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 Preview with Soma Somasegar

What’s New in the Visual Studio 2013 IDE

What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers

What’s New in Visual Studio & Blend for XAML Developers

Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers- Deep Dive

What’s New in Blend for HTML Developers

Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 Diagnostics Tools for XAML-Based Windows Store Apps

Diagnosing Issues in JavaScript Windows Store Apps with Visual Studio 2013






SQL Server 2012 CTP1 Installation Rule Failed

This is strange! I received the following error message while installing the SQL Server 2012 CTP1. It appears this version of SQL Server could not be installed on a machine that already had other versions of SQL Server. Not sure the reasons behind it, yet to research on it, but it is frustrating to say the least; I am hoping this is only because it is a CTP release. Prior to SQL Server 2014 I was able to install more than one versions of SQL Server on the same machine!


Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start – 01 What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5

Source – Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start

In order to do web development, you need to understand the following:

Visual Studio

  • HTML5 and CSS3 standards and smarts
  • JavaScript language features
  • Page Inspector
  • One code editor for client and server
  • Web Essentials extension


  • Package manager – new way to bring dependencies into the project
  • Install and configure in your project
  • Handle dependencies and versions


  • Model Binding with ASP.NET Web Forms – Strongly Typed Data Controls
  • Web Forms Friendly URLs
  • Same routing system as MVC – in fact the routing system houses in ASP.NET but MVC also uses it
  • Bundling and Optimization
  • LESS editor
  • Page Inspector
  • async
    • async and threading are kind of different
    • Client.DownloadStringTaskAsync
    • Task.WaitAll – blocks the current thread until all of the specified async requests have completed
    • Task.WhenAll – will wait for all of the specified async requests to finish before returning
    • “Async” and “await” keywords
    • “Async = true” on the page

IIS Database Manager

I came across this jewel while searching on IIS 7 Extensions. Basically it extends IIS Manager by allowing users to manage SQL Server or MySQL databases!

A logical question comes to mind. SQL Server Management Studio is available and provides lot more features then what is the need for this extension?

This extension is particularly helpful in case of remote administration of databases. With SSMS, certain firewall ports need to be opened which may or may not be possible in certain environments. Since IIS Database Manager runs on the IIS Server, hence the server administrators can delegate database management to authorized users without opening additional ports for DB management.

Learn more about it at the following URLs.

Database Manager

Using the Database Manager

Database Manager for Hosters